Why Microworms Are A Special Live Fish Food

Microworms are a must have for people who keep any kind of small fish.  Babies of fish such as guppies, platies, danios, mollies, and bettas just devour microworms.  A varied diet that includes a good amount of microworms will greatly increase the growth rate of your baby fish.  Once I started loading some guppy fry’s diet with microworms they began growing at almost twice the rate of the previous batches of fry.  Feeding the baby fish microworms really seemed to make all the difference in the growth rate.  For example, one strain of guppy used to only start developing color at 6 to 8 weeks of age, but when microwroms were added to the diet of these baby fish, they began coloring up at even 4 weeks of age!

Because of their small size in comparison to BBS, microworms can be fed to baby fish at a much younger age than BBS can be.  This means your fish fry can start getting live food at a younger age than they could if you use BBS as your first live fish food.

Some adult guppies and bettas (Siamese fighting fish) even enjoy these once in awhile as a nice spice of variety.  I have seen guppies and bettas repeatedly inhale whole clouds of this type of live food.

Basically, feeding your fish with microworms is a great way to increase their overall health and vitality.  So, if you want to help out your baby fish, tadpoles, frogs, or amphibians, start using microworms as live fish food today!

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