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Welcome to the best source for microworm information.  Microworms are one of the best first foods you can find for your young aquatic pets.  At BuyMicroworms.com we hope to provide answers to any of the questions you may have about finding and growing microworms.

You will find information about why they are the best live fish food, what aquatic pets you can feed microworms to, where to buy microworms, how to culture them so you never run out, and how to get the best growth rates out of your microworms.

To buy a microworm culture, click the button below.  $7.75 per culture.  Shipping to Canada or continental USA is only $2. Cultures are mailed from Canada and are usually received within  4 to 7 business days for customers in Canada but orders to the USA often take up to 10 to 12 business days (but will still be healthy).

Quick Microworm Tip #1

Microworms will grow faster in the heat. If you have a tank light, why not try putting a microworm culture on top of it (make sure it can’t burn or melt through the plastic) or near it to speed up the growth of your microworms.

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