Preparing For Arrival Of Your Microworm Culture

Microworm cultures are very easy to keep in your house.  There are many methods of culturing them once you have purchased a microworm starter culture.  You usually will not have to buy any special equipment in advance.  The method I recommend using at first requires only rolled oats (instant oatmeal), a pinch of yeast, and some water.  I’m willing to bet you already have these items in your house.  If you don’t then you might want to consider having them ready in advance for when your microworms arrive.  The only other item you should need is a clear plastic container.  Many dollar stores have cheap plastic food-storage containers for two for a dollar.  These will work perfectly for starting your first microworm culture.

If you are interested in trying some advanced microworm culturing techniques, then you can try using baby food, mashed potato powder, or bread to grow your microworms in.  Once you have the rolled oats method mastered (explained in detail with every purchase), feel free to play with any other recipes mentioned above.  Just make sure the culture is not too moist and your microworms should grow strongly.  Basically any complex carbohydrate source is all you need for ideal microworm growth.

When you buy microworms from, you will get full culturing instructions. Anyone who orders from this site will know exactly how we culuture microworms for the fastest growth rates possible. You will be able to harvest microworms for your baby fish or amphibians within several days of receiving your starter microworm culture. Are you ready to buy a microworm starter culture today!

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