Microworms Benefit Your Fish

Microworms are a type of live fish food that have become quite popular among breeders of many fish and other aquatic organisms. Because of the ease with which they are cultured in the home, they have become widely used by both hobby breeders and large scale breeders as well. Microworms will benefit your fish by improving their growth rate, enhancing their colors, and improving their overall health.

Microworms are a type of free living, non-parasitic nematode. The scientific name for this species is Panagrellus redivivus. At full size, they are approximately 2 to 3 mm long and extremely thin. Because of this, they are a great first food for many species of fish. They also are very active and constantly writhing, meaning they easily attract the attention of young fish. Microworms are a popular first food for breeders of guppies, bettas, danios, gouramies and many other freshwater fish.<!–more–>

Feeding microworms to your fish will enhance their rate of growth. It is widely known that live foods are much more preferred as early food for young fish. Organisms that move are much more likely to attract the attention of hungry fry, and thus feeding microworms to your baby fish will encourage them to eat as much as they can. Fish that have a constant supply of live foods can easily outgrow others that are only fed prepared foods.

Microworms are full of many of the required amino acids and fats that young fish require. Fish that are fed a wide variety of live foods will have a well-balanced diet and will be better able to synthesize the compounds that give them their colors. Thus, microworm cultures are a great addition to your aresenal of live foods if you have any species of fish that display bright colors!

Finally, adding microworms to the diet of your young fish will help improve their overall health. Fish that are well-fed have healthier immune systems and can fight off bacteria that could harm other fish. A balanced diet that contains a variety of prepared and live foods will always go far to improve the life of your fish. Live foods also help your fish act more naturally as they hunt down their prey.

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