Live Fish Foods

Live fish foods are a great way to improve the health of your fish.  Whether you keep or breed bettas, gouramies, platties, guppies, or any other freshwater fish, live foods should definitely be a part of the balanced diet your fish receive.  Microworms are a great way to start keeping live foods for your aquatic pets because they are easy to culture, and are a great source of nutrients and fats that your fish need to grow quickly and remain healthy.

Other great foods include grindal worms, brine shrimp, vinegar eels, and white worms are other foods you should consider after trying your fish on microworms.  Always try to keep a variety of foods for your fish as no fish should be fed the same food day after day.  Remember that no food, whether prepared or live, contains 100% of the daily nutrient requirements of your fish.  By feeding a nice combination of various live and prepared foods, your fish will be healthier, grow faster, and have brighter colors!

Why not buy a microworm culture for your fish today and see the difference live foods can make!

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