List Of Fish And Amphibians That Eat Microworms

Many of your aquatic pets will be able to eat microworms. To put it one way, basically any fish or amphian that reproduces by eggs or by giving birth to babies that are less than 1/2 inch will benefit from the use of microworms. Introducing live foods to such fish as goodeids, corydoras, betta splendens (siamese fighting fish), gouramis, guppies, mollies, platties, danios will increase the growth of their baby fish.

If you have any questions about if a specific type of fish will be able to benefit from microworms, please use the contact page and let us know. We’d love to hear from you and help you decide if microworms would be a proper food for your fish!

Many other aquarium or terrarium-kept species love to eat microworms as live food when they are still young. These include tadpoles, frogs, newts, salamanders, african dwarf frogs (maybe even when they are larger too). I really think that a good rule of thumb to judge by is:

If your baby fish or amphibians have mouthes small enough to eat microworms, then they will be healthier and grow faster!

Do you have any of the fish or other aquatic pets listed above? Why not try feeding them microworms this week? You’ll notice much faster growth, more colorful bodies, and overall healthier fish.

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