Dec 17 2012 Update

Just a quick post here to let you know that you might have noticed some huge site changes today if you have been here before. I had, unfortunately, neglected this site completely for at least 6 months. At some point I tried changing the look and feel of it and then I guess I gave up despite it looking similar to what it used to.

It turns out that that was a big mistake. Whatever I did had messed the site up big time and nothing was clickable. Today I manually saved all the posts and fully reinstalled the platform that runs the site then reposted everything.

I unfortunately lost all the old comments and categories, and the articles all show today as the publication date, but it is the same information that has been here since the website started in the mid 2000s. But — everything works again and runs really quickly. I have to do some minor tweaking and pick a theme that I like but I am just glad that the site actually works now!

To make up for letting readers down for a long time, I will be trying to update with more fresh articles on a regular basis – on microworms, other live foods, and the fish and animals that eat them!

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  1. Cool, thanks for the heads up. Appreciate you letting us know!

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