Baby Brine Shrimp Are Great Too

3.5 Oz. Brine Shrimp Eggs (Artemia Cysts)3.5 Oz. Brine Shrimp Eggs (Artemia Cysts)
If you don’t like the thought of raising microworms to use as fish food for whatever reason, then you are in luck because baby brine shrimp are another healthy choice to feed to your baby fish and other aquatic pets like corals and young invertebrates too. Baby brine shrimp are full of nutrition and swim throughout the whole water column.

This means that your fish will actively hunt them down which works their muscles well – improving health and growth rates! You need a brine shrimp hatchery to hatch out the brine shrimp eggs which hatch into the BBS within 24 hours. It is the BBS (baby brine shrimp) that you feed to your baby fish! Here are some of the best quality artemia cysts/eggs!

O.S.I. Brine Shrimp Eggs are harvested from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. The eggs are washed, dried and vacuum-packed for freshness. All lots are tested for hatchability prior to shipping. Newly hatched brine shrimp babies (nauplii) are one of natures finest live feeds for your fishes. They are high in protein and packed with color-enhancing pigments.


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